Southside Endocrinology
David S. H. Bell, MB, FACE, FACP, FRCP(Ed), FRCPS (Canada)

Diet For Life

Are you familiar with the adage, “Do as I SAY and not as I DO?” If so, you can identify with the story that physician Dr. David Bell shares in his book Diet for Life: A Metabolism Expert's Commonsense Plan for Overcoming Obesity. Dr. Bell digs deeply into his own lifestyle to tell how he (for decades) told patients they needed to lose weight while being severely overweight himself. He tells how a life-threatening personal health crisis forced him to lose more than one hundred pounds, and how he has kept the weight off.

In this book, Dr. Bell outlines his own unusual weight-loss plan that he feels can become a “Diet for Life” for many. In addition, this internationally known physician shares priceless insights and advice on weight control that can be used by millions of overweight individuals, regardless of which plan they select as their own “Diet for Life.”

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